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Best Harlem Shakes

Ireland Harlem Shake

We are all about Harlem Shakes in Ireland! Have you seen these gems jet???   Pub Edition:   DCU Harlem Shake (best costumes by far!)   And one from Galway…  

Temple Bar Fight

Temple Bar by Day

It’s rarely we get to see full chase around Temple Bar, beautifully edited as this one! Enjoy!

Irish Inventions


We all know Guinness is very Irish invention, but chocolate milk?? (click to enlarge)

Christmas Infographic of a day 4


In case you need a handy guide on how to wish Merry Christmas to your fellow travellers, here it is! (click image to enlarge)

Christmas Infographic of a day 3


Handy guide to help you with your turkey baking. We like ours with nice gravy, cranberry sauce, roasted spuds, brussel sprouts and some side of ham What are you cooking for Christmas?   (click image to enlarge)