Christmas Infographic of a day 3


Handy guide to help you with your turkey baking. We like ours with nice gravy, cranberry sauce, roasted spuds, brussel sprouts and some side of ham What are you cooking for Christmas?   (click image to enlarge)

Christmas Infographic of a day


How is Christmas Celebrated in your corner of the world? What is your festive feats? We like nice turkey, Brussels sprouts and some spuds, and finish it all of wish some mince pies and Christmas pudding. Nom nom nom nom   (click image to enlarge)

Top Christmas Songs

Santa Claus with guitar

Are you all feeling very festive this Christmas? We have selection of our favourite Christmas Songs, so if you didn’t get enough of Jingle Bells yet, listen to our essential selection!     Now, everyone dress up at Santa and do jingle bell rock!!!  

Christmas at Barnacles


Ho ho ho… It is Christmas time! There is gentle scent of mulled wine in the air, and our great weather has changed into cold winter. No wait, that was summer! Lets celebrate!